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900 meters full of life, love and Lifestyle – the Wilmersdorfer Strasse today:

Berlin citizens call it Wilmi, Wilmersdorfer or Wilmersdorfer Strasse. Everybody has been here at least once, many come back often. The Wilmersdorfer Strasse ist one of the most visited shopping streets in town.
It has an unique atmosphere - somwhere between shopping mile and old Berlin hood – which makes it friendly, versatile und somehow unexcited.

Of course here is hurly-burly – people needing things, going on errands – but the Wilmersdorfer Strasse offers space for a slow movement: The width oft he pedestrian Area, the amount of restaurants and cafés, the trees, the fountain at the corner oft he Pestalozzi Strasse. It’s a place to relax, to come down, to chill.
But it’s also the street of short ways! You will find absolutely everything in this 900 meters long street. More than 120 stores, shops, fashion boutiques and supermarkets leave nothing to be desired. Right in the middle of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf the Wilmersdorfer Strasse is well-positioned and accessible via bus, underground and urban railway (S-Bahn).